Schallplatte Flatweave - Röd / Orange matta CVD12251

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Laura Geiger

Designer: Laura Geiger



Laura Geiger says that she is a little princess whose intrests has always focused around being creative. For the past two years she has been attending the vocational school for art in Elpingenalp. Through this school she can truly unfold her creativity and advocate it. She is now at the final stage of her studies and this means everything to her and she is filled with pride.

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Design: Schallplatte Flatweave

These Designs were inspired by the seventies and eighties, exspecially the well structured and yet still absorbing design of a vinyl. Because the styles of the 70´s and 80´s are still very popular in all generations, the designer can imagine a vinyl-like carpet would be the highlight in some flats.


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